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    GOODBY, WINTER 12 — 19 February 2018

    Maslenitsa (Pancake Week) is probably the most Russian holiday, and it's way more than just stuffing your cheeks with delicious Russian blini, such a holiday may and should be celebrated in a special way! For all of you who are not afraid of frost, we made a list of events held this year on the Maslenitsa week, keep it in your bookmarks!

    First of all, there is the festival "Gulyai, Maslenitsa" in the very center of the city on Malaya Konyushennaya street with dances, master classes, contests and unique fairs accompanied by Russian folk music.

    To feel entirely “Russian”, let’s go directly to the Priyutino estate - there are contests, lots of pancakes, and even storming of a snow fortress and, of course, the traditional burning of a scarecrow (chuchelo) to say goodbye to the winter season. The event is celebrated on 18 February.

    For those who do not want to leave far from the city, the event on Elagin Island is planned, no less fascinating and colorful, and there’s even a horse show! The date is 18 February.

    In the end, we offer you a list of places where you can taste the most delicious blini in St. Petersburg at any time of the year - the specialized cafe "Russian Blini" with a great history and a cheap price tag, coffee-house Coffee 22 (flyers with addresses and discounts can be found in our hostel! ), to find the American pancakes you’ll have to go to the cafe called Cake&breakfast, and for more refined and interesting combinations visit the restaurant "КоКоКо."