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    Placebo in Saint-Petersburg
    Placebo in Saint-Petersburg 24 October 2016

    The term "placebo" in medicine called medicine, do not have an actual therapeutic effects and gives a psychological effect. Such a group name from the height of its 22-year history, looks not only as a good-quality self-irony musicians team, collecting stadiums and earning platinum status for their album, simply can not be "empty shell." Saturated electronics lingering melancholic melodies and hypnotic vocals of Brian Molko doing their job perfectly, providing the team one hundred percent recognition.

    In 1996 came the debut disc the same name Placebo, after which the British and announced the grand tour. For the first time in many years, the largest arena of cities, not excepting St. Petersburg Ice Palace will hear songs that frontman himself has vowed never to perform. This «Nancy Boy» from the first album, and the cult «Pure Morning», which brought a group of people's fame in Russia, and many other well-known things that can happen, will be performed at the banks of the Neva for the last time.

    You do not know where to stay during the concert of Placebo? Of course, in the Taiga Hostel & Hotel :)