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    Delicious trip to Saint Petersburg!
    Delicious trip to Saint Petersburg!28.11.2017

    In addition to the colossal cultural, historical, architectural and museum heritage, St. Petersburg also has another indisputable advantage - a special Leningrad cuisine.

    Who doesn’t know famous shaverma, fried smelt, beloved sweets and pastries in the confectioneries "Sever", a shot of "Boyarsky" or delicious pyshki? In addition to classic well-known types of food in our city, there are other modern delicacies - soup in a cup, ramen-burger, rose shaped ice cream, sweet shaverma, Belgian waffles, giant milkshakes, falafel or exclusive russian coffee drink Raff with lavender taste ...

    Do you want to arrange a gastro tour? Simply ask our receptionists for help, we know all the most delicious places in the city!