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    TAIGA is a place to meet new friends!
    TAIGA is a place to meet new friends!30.11.2017

    TAIGA is a place to meet new friends. Of course, we start as strangers. But more often than not, it’s a beginning for a new friendship.

    You know, we create our own history – we choose our own paths, and then those paths cross with someone else’s to become a magical adventure! That’s how it is in TAIGA. Friends meet each other, share their stories and create something new and unique, which certainly won’t be forgotten for many years to come. Just recently, for example, our friendly team plunged into a new exciting adventure. We conquered a new height together!

    One of our guests said lately: “It's time to make the TAIGA tv series :) New series about all of us TAIGA people!”

    Well, maybe we still didn’t come around to shoot the series, but here are the photos of that cozy evening (and of the delicious treats that TAIGA people love so much !!), come and we’ll share some with you ;)

    And, of course, come to TAIGA someday to write a new story where you’re the main hero!

    This is what being in TAIGA means, this is our wonderful place and all this magic happens thanks to everyone who has ever been here.