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    Coming back never felt so good
    Coming back never felt so good17.01.2018

    We love all our guests equally, either it's your first time staying in TAIGA, or you come here as if it's your own home and you know every corner and detail of it. However, familiar smiles - they are like family, and therefore to all those who decided to return to TAIGA, we hand the card with the honorary title of "favorite guest."

    Because old friends are really special to us - the most amicable, topnotch guests receive our wonderful card that only belongs to our best friends.

    It's simple to get - visit TAIGA Hostel twice, and the special card will be yours with a 10% discount on accommodation on any day, at any time of the year. Isn't it wonderful? All you need is to come back, and we already can't wait! :)