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    Visa support and registration
    Visa support and registration

    How to get a Russian visa (voucher or an invitation for foreigners)?


    It is necessary to have a passport and a visa valid for the entire period of stay in the country for all citizens entering the territory of the Russian Federation.

    You can get a visa at the embassy or consulate of the Russian Federation at the place of your residence or hostel itself can help to get a voucher for the same price and without wasting your time.

    In order to get a Russian visa by yourself, prepare the necessary documents:

    - A completed form for a tourist visa (in the column "The purpose of the trip" you must specify the "Tourism")

    - Valid passport with expiry no later than 6 months after the intended date of departure from Russia and having at least two blank pages for a Russian visa;

    - One passport-size photograph;

    - Visa support is a prerequisite for obtaining a Russian visa: the acknowledgment of foreign tourists and a travel voucher; Embassy reserves the right to request the original invitation.

    The list and contact information of all the consulates, embassies and foreign diplomatic missions of the Russian Federation is presented at www.russianembassy.ru.

    Taiga Hostel can support you to get a visa. To get it you should follow a few steps:

    1) to stay in TAIGA Hostel & Hotel

    2) to make a prepayment for the first night (it is necessary to confirm the reservation) and add to it the cost of the invitation letter (1000 rubles).

    4) to send us scan of your passport

    5) receive a voucher and visit us, where we will be waiting for you with a nice cup of tea and friendly administrators :)

    To obtain a voucher you can use the feedback form or send us an e-mail to info@taiga-hostel.com.

    * * *

    The obligatory registration of foreign citizens service

    The Russian legislation (Federal Law є 109-FZ dated July 18, 2006 and its other additions - the last of 4 August 2011) requires that all foreign citizens temporarily residing in Russia were put on migration registration at the place of stay (remember that citizens of Belarus, Ukraine and Kazakhstan are also required to undergo a compulsory residence registration). In our hostel we have a special program in order to be able to make the time-consuming process quicklier. And since these actions are required and each guest program requires payment, we have to take additional 250 rubles for the registration service.

    We are not laying in the price the cost of registration, as we believe that it is fair that prices for Russian and foreign citizens remained the same.

    Registration of a foreigner is very important, because it may cause big problems for the guest if we don't do this. We are a law-abiding hostel which genuinely care about our guests!